Sewing Boxer Brief Trunks


During the COVID 19 pandemic I’ve had extra time to sew. After my obsession with sewing different mask patterns, I moved on to something new — sewing boxer brief trunks. I found a pattern online that I liked but saw room for a few improvements.

By clicking the button you can download the instructions for my adaptation of the pattern (which includes a link to the pattern and to the Etsy storefront where I purchase the elastic):

One of the benefits of sewing these trunks myself is the cost savings. Often, sewing clothes cost more than buying something off the rack at the store. But here, instead of paying between $20 and $30 for a pair of trunks, I can sew them for under $6.00.

After making the improvements to the pattern, I found that cutting the fabric took longer than it should. So after lots of research (special thanks to Laura Blodgett’s post at ) and experimenting, I learned how to make reusable templates out of hardboard (purchased at a local hardware store). I glue the paper pattern pieces to hardboard using spray adhesive. Then I use a jig saw to cut out the template pieces.

Now I just place the 3 templates on the fabric and use my rotary cutter to cut the pieces out. No need for the paper pattern, pinning, weights, or a quilting ruler.

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