Kid-size messenger bag


I sewed this kid-size messenger bag for my older son. I used pattern #545 from The Green Pepper ( The black exterior and red lining fabric are both 500 Dernier coated Cordura nylon from Rockywoods Fabrics ( The graphic is a personalized Star Wars Imperial logo that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo machine out of EasyWeed Extra heat transfer vinyl.
messenger bag 2
Thoughts on the project:

  • The bag is a little small although it is large enough to hold paper notebooks. Next time I will make it larger.
  • I really did not like how the pattern has you attach one piece (which serves and the two sides and front) to another piece serving as both the back and bottom of the bag. Next time I will use a more standard technique of making a four sided boxed bag with separate bottom.
  • I liked working with the Cordura. I used a size 18 needle and didn’t have any problems. Because of the coating the fabric edges don’t need to be finished.