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Free Spreadsheet to Sew Any Size Canvas Tote Bag

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Use my free spreadsheet to make a tote bag to your personalized size specifications.

Whenever we go on a picnic or spend a day at the beach we never have a tote bag to carry the food, blanket and toys in.  I wanted something about the size of this Land’s End Tote, but not so plain looking.

I found this great tutorial for Inspired Wren’s Lined Tote Bag, but it was too small.  With the help of an article discussing how to sew boxed corners I decided to sew a larger version of the Inspired Wren’s bag.

I created this Excel Spreadsheet to calculate any size of tote bag.  It lets you enter the dimensions you want for the tote bag and then calculates the sizes of pieces to cut to make that bag.

For this bag, enter these measurements in the spreadsheet:

A:  finished width = 13″
B:  finished height = 15″
C:  finished depth = 7″
D:  height % = 33%
E:  handle width = 1.25″
F:  handle height above bag = 24″
G:  seam allowance:  0.5″
H:  top seam allowance = 1″

To make your own bag, download the spreadsheet and enter the measurements you want.  Cut out the pieces and then follow the directions for the Inspired Wren’s Lined Tote Bag.

In the past, I followed Inspired Wren’s pattern and made the handles from fabric. When you attach the prepared handles to the bag, you sew over the top of the stitching from when the handles were made. My second stitches never exactly matched the first line of stitches and so it looked messy. I’ve solved that problem (and reduced the sewing time) by using 1.25″ canvas webbing for the handles. I much prefer the finished look of these handles.

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